Since the NDA has been lifted on Quake Champions, we’re finally getting a look at what the game’s esports offerings will look like. The Duel mode, the one most used for previous Quake 1v1 tournaments, will feature a MOBA style draft. Each match will be a best of five, and the first to eliminate their opponents’ three picks wins.

Here’s a breakdown of how the draft itself will work:

The draft is done from champions that you have access to, and likewise with your opponent. Both players can pick the same champions, with the pick order going 1-2-2-1. There’s currently no ban system, but one could be added later as more champions are added to the game.
Each player chooses a character to start with, not seeing their opponent’s choice.
When a player dies, that champion is no longer usable.
Once all three champions from one player are dead, the round ends. The next round begins with the same champion selection, and champions can only be picked once per match.
As you can see, it’s quite different from the Duels of days past, because there’s meaning to each character. They are no longer just a skin, but a fully fledged champion with skills that counterplay each other.

There’s also far less snowballing involved here than in the past days of Quake. You can only get as far ahead as the weapons and armor you pick up allow on the map, and you’re reset on upgrades after each round. In past Quake titles, if you got ahead on armor or had a rocket launcher and managed to go on a chain of kill streaks, it could mean the match as duels didn’t reset after three kills.

Pros have been testing the game through the beta itself, so this is clearly still subject to change – but for now, it seems that this isn’t your daddy’s Quake game.

Quake Champions’ release date has not been announced, but we know it’ll be coming exclusively to the PC. Its beta is ongoing, and you can sign up on Bethesda’s website.