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February 3, 2017 Admin

CS:GO Patch Notes

Valve have released a new update, which brings, among others, changes to the User Interface, the GOTV and two weapons of CS:GO. Following tonight’s update, Revolver and Negev are no longer a part of the available weapons on competitive matchmaking. While the first has had its “firing delay significantly reduced”,

February 3, 2017 Admin

Clash Royale Takes the BAFTA 2017 Esports Award

The audience of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) proved once again that mobile, though easily overlooked amid all the hype and rabble around consoles and PC gaming, really and truly is royalty — especially Clash Royale, which took their AMD Esports Audience Award for 2017. Clash

January 20, 2017 Admin

Quake Champions Duel Mode Utilizes MOBA Style Draft

Since the NDA has been lifted on Quake Champions, we’re finally getting a look at what the game’s esports offerings will look like. The Duel mode, the one most used for previous Quake 1v1 tournaments, will feature a MOBA style draft. Each match will be a best of five, and

January 20, 2017 Admin

Heroes of the Storm Offering 20 Free Heroes For 2.0 Launch

It’s the perfect time for players new and returning to get into Heroes of the Storm. Announced yesterday in advance of the Heroes 2.0 launch event, Blizzard revealed that they will be giving away ‘mega-bundles’ of 20 heroes for free if players logged in between April 25 and May 22.

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